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m: 07885 907408
e: jonathanyeend@thinkpositive.co.uk


“Jonathan Yeend has been our financial adviser for some considerable time, in fact from his Prudential days. We have yet to meet a more honest and helpful person in the world of finance. Our other experiences have been with bank officials who are almost always more interested in selling a product, than giving good advice to the customer. Our Mr Yeend is not like that. He makes it his business to find out exactly what the customer needs and matches the product to the customer, giving a very full explanation as to the pros and cons and the probable outcome as far as that is possible. He comes across as a very ordinary and likeable person and never “talks down” to his customers (no matter how inexperienced the customer) as sometimes happens elsewhere. In summary, he is one of the best people to enter our home for business purposes.”
Thomas & Vera Filer, Mitford, Northumberland

“I have known Jonathan for a good number of years. Over the last several years he has looked after my small investments – but important to me with professionalism, integrity and an understanding of my particular needs. His expertise have been of paramount importance in the uncertain times we are in.”
Maureen Robson, Morpeth, Northumberland

“Jonathan Yeend is an outstanding financial advisor. He has helped us to secure a home mortgage at highly competitive rates and drop our expenses for a number of insurance services. I cannot recommend his work and services more highly.”
Christopher Petkov, Gosforth, Newcastle

“An invaluable, personal service taking all the stress and hassle out of searching for our mortgage and investments. Amazing value for money; eliminates all worry and saves so much valuable time. We can’t recommend Jonathan’s services enough – so glad we found him!”
Vicky Michell & Jas Sodhi, Heaton, Newcastle

“Jonathan has for the past few years been an enormous help regarding my financial needs. He has patiently explained the various options available to me for both my personal and work pensions and mortgage. I am enormously grateful for his help and he has proved to be a true advocate to his profession.”
Moya Mason, Amble, Northumberland

“Jonathan provides a professional and personal service in a very personable way. I particularly appreciate his ability to present fairly complex matters in ways that are easy to understand.”
Peter Michell, Ponteland, Newcastle

“We first contacted Jonathan when we realised our endowment was falling short. He sorted everything out and we were re-organised within a couple of months. Since then we have retained Jonathan’s services and it brings me great peace of mind to know our pensions, in particular, are being overviewed and should we ever have a financial query, an answer is only ever an email away.”
Ros Haverson, Corbridge, Northumberland